Feb 10, 2022
Kristina Toth, The Family Connections Center
Meeting the needs of families affected by incarceration

Since 1998, the Family Connections Center (FCC) uses a strength-based approach to meet parents where they are at, to educate and support them, during their physical separation from their children due to incarceration. FCC maintains and connects the families left behind to family support programs in their communities, while creating healthy, fun activities for the children to participate with their incarcerated parent.

The Family Connections Center has collaborated with many state and private organizations throughout the years to try to create systems of care for families affected by incarceration.  The Family Connections Center was created in partnership with the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Family Studies Department and UNH Cooperative Extension. FCC has expanded to include many wonderful partners throughout the years. Each expansion allows FCC to try to meet the needs of family affected by incarceration and to expand that reach statewide.  Please see our list of current partners and contributors.