Community Catalysts
Community Catalysts' goals are to uncover our community's needs and identify local problems and match them with solutions through connections and networking with a purpose.
In this way, we are being problem identifiers and solvers making an impact in our community. We do this by making connections and identifying people in the community who have a need and others who have human capital, physical capital, or surplus of supplies. We're actively seeking new connections to help people. If interested, please contact Ken Yie at

Our new community catalyst project is Gear Up for School!
Gear Up for School is a backpack drive focusing on bringing together the community (and specifically kids) to assemble 3,000+ backpacks to distribute to other kids in the community. The Queen City Rotary and Hooksett Area Rotary Clubs are looking for volunteers to assemble the backpacks, which will be distributed to kids in the Manchester, Hooksett, and surrounding southern NH town school systems. 
Gear Up for School is an opportunity for kids to pack backpacks that will be going to other kids, inspiring volunteering and community service from a young age. At the assembly event, volunteers will take an empty backpack down an assembly line and fill it with school supplies. The filled backpacks will be distributed by school systems, nonprofits, and partner agencies to families in need.

The primary sponsors of this event are HarborOne Mortgage and HarborOne Bank.

All ages and abilities are welcome to volunteer! We encourage kids and their parents/guardians to be involved in the effort. We need help filling backpacks with school supplies and have various roles so everyone can participate. For more information check out the Facebook event page at 
We will be assembling the backpacks at Manchester Memorial High School Gym, August 14th. Hope you can join us!